What Your Relationship with reQuire Means For Your Direct-To-Consumer Experiences

We know that, for the most part, a title agent or settlement services professional will only really deal with a consumer/borrower to update status on a closing, and, of course at closing.  Most consumers don’t really understand title insurance, and tend to lean on their respective Realtors, loan officers or mortgage brokers throughout the transaction for guidance.  To many, the Realtor or lender (in different ways) is the “client,” and the borrower/consumer is the client of that trusted advisor.

It appears, however, that this perspective may be changing.  As the industry is enveloped by a wave of easier-to-use and better interconnected technology, our capabilities are changing.  So too, are the expectations of our clients (hint: they’re going up). As a result, it may be time for you to think of the consumer as your customer too.

And how does reQuire fit into that equation?  Easily, and in many ways!

Whether you’re working with our release tracking solution; simple searches; doc prep or curative solutions, you’ll be freeing existing staff of a number of costly, time-eating functions.  As we discussed previously, not only will this help with morale a bit, but also allow you to expand your client services as well as sales/marketing functions!

Trusting us with these functions will also improve the closing experience for you and the consumer (hence, the Realtor and borrower).  A wrinkle or glitch in any of the functions we cover can lead to anxiety, a choppy closing or, worst of all, a delay in the closing.  By sourcing these activities to reQuire, you’ll avoid many more stressful complications.  Your lender and Realtor won’t know why, perhaps. But the Realtor will know she gets fewer anxious calls and texts from her clients when you’re on the closing.  And the loan officer will know that the consumer had a smooth finish to her transaction.

In other words, even if they don’t know exactly why, clients and, eventually, prospects, will come to know that you handle the smoothest closings in the area.  Soon, you’ll be adding clients.  All because you took steps to aid their clients.

We talk a lot about how reQuire’s solutions can help you reduce costs and improve efficiency as well as effectiveness.  But reason #1,678 (or something close) to consider us is the best reason of all.  We’ll help free up your team to take care of the ultimate customer—the borrower.  Your direct clients will notice a big difference.

About the Author

Randy Cruz
Randy is the Business Services Manager at reQuire. Randy has been with reQuire since 2008 when he started in reQuire’s Finance department. While working at reQuire, Randy earned a degree in Network Security. However, he quickly realized that the IT field was not his calling, his true passion was helping our Partners by providing unsurpassed Customer Service. Prior to coming to reQuire, Randy spent 10 years with Prolink Solutions. Prolink offered a GPS and course management solution system for golf courses around the globe. Randy lives in Virginia Beach with his wife Gladys and their beagle Niki. Together they have two daughters and two sons. Randy enjoys playing golf and he is our resident Star Wars SME.


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