What Kind of Title Company Is Yours, Really?

ALTA President Stephen Day wrote a nice piece for ALTA. You can see it here. And, as you’ll see, it’s short but sweet. Day has a good look at game-changer Zappos and its way of building a culture that IS its brand. After all, unhappy employees rarely provide strong customer service.  And, as you know by now, Zappos is renowned for its elite customer service.

So, what’s this got to do with reQuire or your title company? Why, everything!

Let’s face it. Producing a title insurance policy and smooth closing involves more than a few relatively mundane, albeit highly necessary tasks. Tasks that, if performed poorly, can derail the entire transaction. This would include curative, release tracking and similar processes.

Day suggests that the best title agencies are actually customer service firms that so happen to do title and settlement-related tasks, and suggests that owners and executives ask themselves a few searching questions to determine if a company’s values are aligned with those of its team:

  • “Do we allow our values to drive our actions?
  • Are we a customer service company that just happens to search titles and conduct closings?
  • Do we stress the importance of our values throughout the organization?”

While we’re not saying that using world-class release tracking systems will ensure value alignment, we are saying that it can open time and resources for your team to focus on the ultimate item—the client. When your title company sources these functions like these to a combination of powerful technology and competent professionals who do nothing but release tracking, curative or simple searches, you’re not only guaranteeing the quality and efficiency of those tasks. You’re opening the door for employees who are freed to spread their wings in other sales or client support tasks.  You’re freeing your team of the “must-dos” that, in some environments, can bog down morale and workflow; and you’re opening the door to new innovation as well as heartfelt client support.

It’s not just a matter of numbers.  It’s a matter of engagement, opportunity and commitment as well.  We’ve already seen it in numerous clients.  When you trust a specialist like reQuire with the little details, you’re also showing your team you trust them with your brand’s growth.  Most of the time, from what we’ve seen, the results are extremely positive.

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About the Author

Kelly Dalton
Kelly is the Production Manager at reQuire, LLC, and an expert in providing reQuire’s industry partners and customers with the satisfaction and service they expect. Kelly earned a degree in Business Management and has been with reQuire, since 2009. Kelly has worn many hats from Business Services, Release Tracking, Assistant Project Management, Finance and the Research Team Lead. Prior to working with reQuire, Kelly worked as a Title Examiner/Abstractor. With the knowledge she has gained in her years at reQuire and previous skills as a Title Examiner/Abstractor, Kelly’s skills are instrumental when managing different projects for reQuire. Kelly lives in Virginia Beach with her husband Scotty and their daughter Gemma. Kelly enjoys baking and dancing.


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