Sometimes, it’s the Simple Things That Keep Your Employees Happy

A recent submission to National Mortgage Professional reminded me that, as complex as the mortgage and real estate industry can seem sometimes, it’s the simple things that can keep us on track.  The article is directed toward mortgage leaders, but it’s absolutely applicable to title agents and small business owners as well.

Sometimes, executives and owners get caught up in the big picture or the vision.  That’s ok—it’s what drives us to build successful businesses in the first place.  But the author of this article, David Lykken, reminds us that, if we don’t articulate that vision or, perhaps more importantly, we don’t explain in practical terms what our employees need to do to contribute to that success, we create uncertain and unhappy teams.  Mr. Lykken goes on…

“Boosting employee morale and reducing turnover doesn’t have to be about providing huge incentives and dramatic displays like employee coffee shops, yoga classes, or group retreats. Sometimes, it’s as simple as taking the things that cause employees stress out of the job. And that you can do simply by cleaning up your process.”

Hmmm.  Perhaps things like doc prep?  Release tracking?  Title curative?

Mr. Lykken’s article reminds us why we, at Require, do what we do.  Let us handle your time-consuming and burdensome tasks with a combination of automation and expertise.  Let your folks move on to the things that grow your business.  It could make us all happier!

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About the Author

Kelly Dalton
Kelly is the Production Manager at reQuire, LLC, and an expert in providing reQuire’s industry partners and customers with the satisfaction and service they expect. Kelly earned a degree in Business Management and has been with reQuire, since 2009. Kelly has worn many hats from Business Services, Release Tracking, Assistant Project Management, Finance and the Research Team Lead. Prior to working with reQuire, Kelly worked as a Title Examiner/Abstractor. With the knowledge she has gained in her years at reQuire and previous skills as a Title Examiner/Abstractor, Kelly’s skills are instrumental when managing different projects for reQuire. Kelly lives in Virginia Beach with her husband Scotty and their daughter Gemma. Kelly enjoys baking and dancing.


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