Release Tracking & Reporting

Quickly Obtain a Release for a Lien Payoff

As the leading lien release tracking and reporting service in the real estate settlement industry, reQuire seamlessly integrates into your everyday workflow to:

  • Ensure data accuracy
  • Search land records and data sources for releases
  • Provide real-time reporting on the status of each release
  • Work directly with the payoff lender
  • Verify that all releases have been properly recorded
  • Eliminate the need for post-closing follow-up work

Assure Clear Title With Quality Search And Reporting On Mortgage Liens

A lack of statutory compliance and various inconsistencies in lien release tracking methods have created an ongoing and costly challenge around tracking and reporting the release of property liens. As a result, this leaves consumers at risk for:

An unreleased lien hampering their ability to refinance or sell their property in the future
Lengthy dealings with lenders trying to obtain the lien release record after the transaction has been closed

The costs (time and money) associated with resolving a clouded title

Choose A Product

Release Tracking

Track paid-off mortgage liens recorded on land records and disbursed within the last year, to ensure they are released and recorded.

Release Tracking Plus

All the advantages of the Release Tracking service, plus the added benefits of receiving a copy of the recorded release, release review for defects, and facilitation of correctives.

We accept mortgages, judgment liens, municipal liens, tax liens and UCC’s on BOTH products.

What’s In It For You?

For a nominal fee, we ensure data accuracy, work with the payoff lender, search for releases, verify proper recording and more.


  • Affirmation of lien-free transfer of title pursuant to the General or Special Warranty Deed
  • Identification of open lines of credit
  • Protection from improperly closed lines of credit
  • Indication of payoff shortages


  • On-time closings because liens are satisfied on land records, which prevents future title defects (quicker commissions)
  • Repeat business because no issues arise post-closing due to unreleased liens (better reputation)
  • Customer satisfaction thanks to a smooth transaction and post-closing experience


  • As a third-party vendor, you are obligated to deliver a clear title to the lenders that you’re closing loans for so that they are in compliance. reQuire can help you ensure a clear, marketable title to the secondary market

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