Document Services

Smart Solutions To Help Alleviate Stress Before And After Closing

reQuire’s Document Services offering can provide you with more solutions to help alleviate the frustrations and stress that come with both the pre and post-closing process in a real estate transaction. Our experienced team of professionals can prepare the documents needed for closing.

Document Services Offering

Document Retrieval Services

Whether it is deed copies, deed of trust/mortgage copies, release/satisfaction copies or other copy types, reQuire has you covered.

Document Preparation Services

With a standard 24-hour turnaround time, we can help prepare deeds or releases.

Document Recording Services

Manual and e-Recording services are just a few clicks away.

Why Use A Document Services Provider?

While document preparation may seem like a simple task, there are several important aspects in real property documents that, if managed incorrectly, could have a negative effect on how the recorded ownership of the property is determined down the road. Let reQuire’s team of trained professionals help by providing accurate documents for your next closing.

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