Releasing Mortgage Liens for Homeowners

Do you struggle with unreleased mortgage liens?

Whether you’re purchasing, selling, or refinancing a property, you may struggle with unreleased liens.

Because of this issue, you may face a slowed closing process, lost sales, lost refinancing, and frustrations with the process. Luckily, reQuire may be able to help.

How reQuire helps homeowners:

  • Assure that previous liens on the property are released shortly after the closing where the loans were paid
  • Assure that any home equity line of credit of the previous owner secured by the property is really closed at or shortly after the closing
  • Assure that the new homeowner has clean title to the property he or she just purchased
  • Assure that the previous lender does not accidentally or inappropriately commence a foreclosure proceeding against the property even if it has been paid in full
  • Make the next closing process (whether it is a purchase and sale or a refinance) smooth for the current homeowner
  • Providing a database concerning previous loans, previous liens, and previous lien releases that affect or might affect the homeowner’s property

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