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Releasing Mortgage Liens for Paralegals & Closers

Save time and prepare closing documents quicker.

Paralegals and closers nationwide have trouble obtaining lien releases, mortgage satisfactions, or reconveyances of deeds of trust.

Without the resolution of these liens, they cannot complete the closing documentation needed.

Here’s how reQuire can help:

  • reQuire integrates with many top title production software and, in doing so:
    • Helps make closing transactions seamless; and,
    • Helps to assure the safe transfer of information.
  • Tracks lien releases, mortgage satisfactions, and reconveyance of deeds of trust for you.
  • reQuire professionals search and identify the lender or servicer authorized to execute a document to cure title defects and to execute a necessary lien release, mortgage satisfaction, or reconveyance of a deed of trust.

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