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reQuire’s top priority is to provide the technology and solutions you need to deliver for your clients. As we continue to adjust to our “new normal” we’re looking for fresh ways to connect and provide you with helpful resources. This month we sat down with American Land Title Association CEO, Diane Tomb, to discuss how ALTA has been supporting the industry during COVID, the resources it has available and how it can support your business.

reQuire is a proud member of ALTA and very involved in the organization. For example, Linda Aparo, National Director of Sales & Business Development, is a designated National Title Professional and sits on the Membership Committee, Real Property Committee and Native American Lands Committee.

One of the major ways ALTA supports members is the wide range of information on its website, including business tools, advocacy and education. For example, ALTA has a library with webinars, videos and articles dedicated to digital closings. As more states update statutes of what’s permitted and what’s not, ALTA collects that information and provides it to members in real time. For more information on how ALTA can support your business and how the title industry is adapting to the new normal, check out our video interviews with Diane (below) and visit their website.




Mark your calendars! Linda Aparo will be joining Brenda Clem to present the “Life of a Mortgage Loan” playbook on The Mortgage Collaborative’s upcoming TMConnect webinar on August 25th at 4pm ET. The playbook is an educational, accredited e-book designed to educate the title community on the lifecycle of a loan – from application through post-closing. It delves into the secondary market, the role of the GSEs and the hurdles faced throughout the loan process. Click here to register for the event.

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