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Nothing shows you the true capabilities of your company quite like an industry downturn can. When the last couple years have seen higher sales and larger profit margins, it can then be jarring to experience a new market where origination volume is dismal, layoffs are commonplace, borrowers are highly anxious and eggs are the new toilet paper. There’s little room for inefficiency, especially when high operating costs are eating into already contracted revenue. Savvy business leaders know how to pivot people and resources and leverage automation, technology and outsourced support in times like these. With a plethora of tech, expertise, and tools available in the digital age, title companies can deal with lower volumes and maintain profitability when they work with the right partners.

Fortunately, reQuire knows a thing or two about navigating headwinds and we’ve built our business around implementing efficient, cost-saving solutions for clients. If you’re not leveraging the best-in-class closing solutions already, a conversation with me is the first step on the path to a more efficient process for your business.


Covius, our parent company, announced its Settlement Services division is integrating with Flueid—the leading real estate technology company using title data and insights to fuel transactions from end-to-end. Read the full press release.

REQUIRED READING: Life of a Mortgage Loan Playbook

Life of a Mortgage Loan: The Life of a Mortgage Loan ebook is an educational, accredited playbook for the entire lending community on the lifecycle of a loan, from application through the post-closing process, with a particular emphasis on the role of the title agent. Download the ebook.


Why use a document services provider? Doc prep may seem like a simple task but if managed incorrectly, you could run into issues with recorded ownership down the road. Let reQuire’s team of trained professionals help by providing accurate documents for your next closing. Call or email us today to find out more.

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