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Acquisitions—it’s a love/hate relationship. 2021 appears to have been the year of title acquisitions. And while acquisitions help our business grow, combine diverse and brilliant colleagues into a singular team and reaffirm the demand for our products and services, they also quickly expose processes and operations that aren’t airtight.

If business growth or an acquisition is on the horizon for you in 2022, consider handing your most complex and time-sensitive title and lien release work off to the pros. With continuity concerns top of mind, you shouldn’t risk interrupting the delivery of title and document services to your clients. Hiccups with delivery and work quality can quickly erode years of client trust you have worked so hard to gain. Remember, a merger or acquisition is just the first step. It’s how you plan for and manage the business integration that will determine whether it will be an exciting and seamless transition or a logistical nightmare. Check out October Research’s M&A report for insights, trends and opportunities for companies either being targeted or looking to grow through an acquisition. And don’t forget about the professionals who can help you along the way!

Linda Aparo Featured on Commitment Matters Podcast

Linda Aparo Featured on Commitment Matters Podcast

Linda Aparo recently appeared on the Commitment Matters podcast with RamQuest’s Mary Schuster to discuss the importance of accurate lien tracking and reporting. Listen to the episode >


Assure a clear title each time, every time with our Release Tracking & Reporting services. Plus, eliminate the need for post-closing follow-up work. Learn how >


It’s already February, which means RamQuest’s Annual RQUG Conference is right around the corner. Set up a meeting to talk about our solutions more in-depth at the conference or swing by our booth.

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Download this educational, accredited playbook developed in part by title industry veteran Linda Aparo. The book walks the reader through a step-by-step look at the mortgage process, from application through the post-closing process, with a particular emphasis on the role of the title agent.

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