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Another year gone and a myriad of predictions come true: Housing market activity puttered to a slow crawl, instances of wire fraud and financial loss rose, title and escrow companies merged/acquired new lines of business to stay afloat, and everyone is talking about AI, but few businesses are really using it (except for Sports Illustrated). With the new year fast approaching, read our quick tips for weathering 2024 and succeeding in a challenging market.

  • Consider your specific market challenges & how they will impact operations over the next 12 months. Do you need to do more with fewer staff members? Need to start drafting deeds in all 50 states? Need to decrease your turn times? What does success for your team look like in 2024? You can’t prepare unless you have a pulse on your business’s needs.
  • Leverage technology! Are you leveraging or are you using? There’s a difference. Make sure you are taking full advantage of everything your tech stack has to offer, and if something isn’t working, don’t suffer. There’s likely a better tool out there that really delivers what you need. Check out our reQuest platform as an example!
  • Don’t hesitate to outsource your complex (or even mundane) settlement processes to experts. Service providers like reQuire have the workflows, quality control and accountability to satisfy laws, rules and regulatory requirements from state to state and county to county, for all your settlement needs.
  • If you’re expanding, so will your team’s workload. Tapping into new revenue with geographic expansion is great, but don’t forget about the people at the heart of your operations. Does scaling mean asking twice as much of your existing team? When volume picks up how will it be managed? An efficient process reduces turnover and lends itself to happier staff and more satisfied clients.
  • Communicating your business needs is key. It’s easier than ever to communicate these days. It’s actually harder to step away from our devices than it is to be connected. But it’s also easy to put our heads down in work and forget to raise our hand to say something is needed. At reQuire, we care about our clients and exceeding their expectations. It’s why being Client-Focused is one of our guiding Values! We’re here to listen to what our clients want and help their businesses succeed every day.

What can reQuire do for you in 2024?


Stephanie AwoudorThis month, we’re spotlighting Stephanie Awoudor, a paralegal who joined the team in 2018. Stephanie helps the Document Services team prepare deeds and other closing documents. Read Stephanie’s full spotlight.
Stephanie Awoudor
This month, we’re spotlighting Stephanie Awoudor, a paralegal who joined the team in 2015. Stephanie helps the Document Services team prepare deeds.
Describe your role at reQuire and how long you have been with the team.
I am paralegal with the Document Service Team. I’ve been with the company for almost 6 years.

Give us an idea of what it’s like to work in your department.
I truly enjoy working with my team! No job is ever too small for us to tackle. We prepare all kinds of deeds. Some can be more challenging more than others. Nevertheless, we get the job done. My team is always willing to jump in and help and always gives praises when due.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?
The most rewarding part of my job is when I receive positive feedback from our partners and attorneys. But also building a rapport with them.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
I enjoy spending time with my family and traveling with my husband. Most importantly, I enjoy doing my volunteer work as a full-time Bible teacher.

Don’t Forget to Include a Borrower Authorization Form in your Closing Packages

We’ve recently updated our Borrower Authorization Form, which you can reference here. When submitting requests for release tracking or title curative services, remember to submit a signed Borrower Authorization to speed up the process—a missing authorization form can result in delays for your borrowers. Questions or concerns? Email us to get in touch.


Let the reQuire team help by providing accurate documents for your next closing. From retrieval to doc prep to recording services, we have all your document needs covered! Call or email us today to find out more.


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reQuire Team

Recently, the reQuire team gathered for our quarterly “reQuire’d Learning” meeting, which brought together our remote colleagues and those local to Virginia Beach. We discussed our Mission, Vision and Values, as well as Work-from-Home tips and best practices and recognized teammates with year-end service awards. Thank you for your continued dedication and service to reQuire: Stephanie Awoudor for 5 Years; Adelmar Esplana, Rebecca Gracey, Melanie Greene and Melchor Udan for 10 Years; and Randy Cruz for 15 years!

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