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It certainly can’t be said that the mortgage industry is a dull place. We’ve weathered quite a few ups and downs in 2022, and market predictions haven’t panned out quite as expected. Take the wave of foreclosures expected to materialize once moratoria across the country lifted—for homeowners this is good news, even though it puts investors in competition for scarcer inventory. With higher rates, declining demand and no mass inventory influx on the horizon, we’ve moved into winter with a chilly housing market to match. Redfin’s 2023 predictions set the stage for a vastly different mortgage landscape in the new year, but while it might prove to be the slowest housing market since 2011, there’s no fear of a repeat of the 2008 bottom out, and for that, we can ring in the new year with optimism and gratitude.

Speaking of “new,” we have a new mailing address. Please see the new address below and update your records accordingly to stay in touch. From our reQuire family to yours, we wish you joyous holidays and a happy new year!

Meet the reQuire Team

ClearTitleThis holiday season, we’re spotlighting Cindy Hitchings, a Business Services Specialist who helps drive our client and customer experience. Read Cindy’s spotlight below to see how her industry-leading service has been a part of reQuire for more than a decade!

Cindy Hitchings
This holiday season, we’re spotlighting Cindy Hitchings, a Business Services Specialist who helps drive our client and customer experience. Read Cindy’s spotlight below to see how her industry-leading service has been a part of reQuire for more than a decade!
1. Describe your role at reQuire and how long you have been with the team.
I was welcomed to reQuire in 2010. I say “welcomed” because I truly felt welcomed by my supervisor and the entire management team. I was hired because of my customer service background, but I knew nothing about the importance of obtaining releases for paid liens and the impact clouded titles have on homeowners, buyers and loan/closing professionals.

The Business Services department is the megaphone for what our Release Tracking and Title Curative team members, as well as our Documents Services team, can accomplish in a phenomenal way. As a Business Services Specialist, it’s the service level that people remember, and that’s what my job is all about.

I provide information about our services to attorneys, settlement and real estate agents and lenders with whom we partner to obtain releases, and I work with private consumers. I set up accounts and system-access logon credentials, assist with file submissions, submit online Release Tracking and Title Curative requests on behalf of partners and private consumers, provide file status updates and system training to our partners, troubleshoot submission issues, research problematic files for partners and assist our Accounting team as needed.

2. Give us an idea of what it’s like to work in your department.
Our pace is very steady yet can be hectic. Setting goals and prioritizing work is important to ensure that requests are addressed as quickly as possible. The workday passes quickly between phone calls and the steady flow of emails. The Business Services team members are remarkedly in tune with one another. We are very supportive and share the workload so that no one person is overwhelmed. Our supervisor has an open-door policy and is always ready with a listening ear. This work atmosphere makes my job easier and pleasant, and I feel very blessed to be where I am.

3. What’s the most rewarding part of your job?
This is easy! It is so rewarding to be able to help someone and hear the gratitude in their voice. Folks are often stressed and sometimes confused when they reach out to us. Any time I can help clear up someone’s confusion or relieve some stress, I feel like I’ve made a difference, and that is very gratifying!

4. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
I enjoy spending time with friends and family. My sister and I are close, and I have ten nieces and nephews—aged 3 to 48. Any time I spend with them is a hoot! I enjoy gardening and being outdoors. I love my church and enjoy services there. And—I have to admit—I have been called a crazy cat lady on more than one occasion. I have seven cats, and friends say my house is a feline B&B! I am unashamed and unrepentant. If they come to my yard, I will feed them.


We have a new mailing address for general correspondence. The new mailing address is below; please update your records accordingly and reach out to our Business Services Department at (877) 505-5400 if you have any questions:

reQuire Real Estate Solutions, LLC
P.O. Box 860
Palm Harbor, FL 34682

Your reQuire team, contact and ordering processes remain the same. As well, there is no change to mailing addresses used to submit payments:

For checks (with invoices only):
reQuire Real Estate Solutions, LLC
720 S. Colorado Blvd, Suite 200
Glendale, CO 80246

For bulk checks or checks without invoices:
reQuire Real Estate Solutions, LLC
3225 Rainbow Drive, Suite 248B
Rainbow City, AL 35906


Set your business up for success in 2023 by combining our Release Tracking and Title Curative services for greater efficiency and cost savings! Call or email us today to find out how.

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