Mortgage Deed Release for REALTORS®

Facing problems with clouded titles due to unreleased mortgage liens?

Unreleased mortgage liens continue to cause delays for thousands of realtors across the nation.

During the selling or purchasing of property, clouded titles frequently pop up. These issues typically are lengthy to resolve, cause the closing to stall, and frustrates clients.

Here’s how reQuire can help:

  • Identify an open Home Equity Line of Credit EARLY in the process.
  • Calm concerns over “clouds of title” by providing realtors with complete, actionable information, title curative service help with both identification and problem solving in this regard early in the process to assure that they do not delay a closing.
  • reQuire helps to obtain lien releases or mortgage satisfactions of prior, unreleased mortgages providing realtors with one point of contact regarding concerning the status of the unreleased mortgage stands and what needs to be completed to release it.
  • reQuire helps to eliminate delays in closing by:
    • Helping to provide a clear and accurate depiction of the title of the home; and,
    • Helping realtors take action early in the process to prevent delays due to unreleased liens associated with mortgages or deeds of trust.
  • reQuire helps to make the closing process smooth for all involved by assisting in assuring that the home to be purchased is free of any prior liens associated with a paid off mortgage.

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