Life of a Mortgage Loan Playbook

Understanding the Mortgage Loan Process – Even After Closing

The “Life of a Mortgage Loan” e-book is an educational, accredited playbook for the entire lending community on the lifecycle of a loan, from application through the post-closing process, with a particular emphasis on the role of the title agent.

Developed in part by reQuire’s National Director of Sales & Business Development and title industry veteran Linda Aparo, the book walks the reader through a step-by-step look at the mortgage process and how each step is connected.

About the Authors

Linda has more than 30 years in the title insurance and real estate industry working both with underwriters and agencies in different states. Linda was the Founder and CEO of Final Trac, a leading release tracking company before its acquisition by reQuire. She received her National Title Professional designation in 2017 and participates on the Real Property Committee and the Native American Land Committee for ALTA. Linda has an outstanding record of success in identifying business opportunities, developing strategies, creating new products and implementing actions to boost business performance.

Brenda Clem is the Chief Product Strategist at LoanLogics. Previously, she has served in the mortgage industry with over 30 years of experience in operations and secondary markets. Brenda is an active member of The Mortgage Bankers Association with a Certified Mortgage Banker certificate and has served on various committees within MBA and MISMO. She is currently co-chair of the eWarehouse Workgroup, frequently speaking at industry events and authoring several industry articles. At Pavaso, she uses her industry knowledge and leadership to implement a new standard for industry practices that improves compliance and transparency in the mortgage transaction.

life of a mortgage

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