Attorneys & Settlement Agents

Releasing Mortgage Liens for Attorneys & Settlement Agents

Do you struggle with unreleased mortgage liens?

It’s the job of every property attorney and settlement agent to look up the land records of a property being purchased or sold and look for previous liens still unreleased from the property.

Until the property is clear of liens, title insurance will not be issued by underwriters. Unfortunately, that causes delays for settlement agents when trying to close a deal.

Here’s how reQuire can help:

  • Assure that the seller has provided marketable title to the new purchaser
  • Assure that the new mortgage or loan is in a first lien position as required by the closing instructions of many lenders, the new title insurance policy, and GSEs
  • Assure you are in compliance with ALTA’s best practices, specifically Pillar 5
  • Ease your labor burden by finding the necessary lien release for you eliminating the frustrations associated with locating lien releases
  • Help professionals search and identify the lender or servicer authorized to execute a document to cure title defects and to procure executed release of lien, satisfaction of mortgage, or reconveyance of a deed of trust
  • Help to obtain an executed document on past settlements or provide recorded copies or index details in cases where the lender will not provide a copy upon completion

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