As a Title Agent, Are You Giving Yourself Enough Time For the Most Important Things?

Most of the title agents we know are hands-on in their ownership. It’s easy to see why.  Ours is a business of 1,000 details.  It’s a business of accountability.  In fact, at the very core of title insurance is the root activity of locating errors in the public record. So it’s no wonder that many agents are closely involved in the smallest of activities in their businesses.

And yet…

It’s hard to deny that the world in which we operate is changing. Whether it’s market or compliance-driven, we’re being pressed at the margins. Our clients need more; faster and even more accurate. We’re being required to implement more and more layers of security and documentation. And we’re being forced to find ways to stay profitable—even as the “new normal” of minimal refinance activity settles in.

So, when does an owner find the time to “sort through the bad ideas?”  How often do they get to focus on business strategy?  Or performance measurement?  And what about sales and development?

It’s not easy to do the things an owner or executive needs to do to run a business when you’re perennially implementing new policies and monitoring your team.  You’re being pressed to think innovatively, but can you afford to take a hands-off approach in a world where your clients will be held accountable for your mistakes?

We’d humbly submit that trusting your most menial, repeatable activities to a third-party provider (one which offers extensive reporting and quality control) is the best way to give your management team the time to…well, manage.  A provider like, say, reQuire. Closings, simple searches, doc prep, curative and release tracking—if you’re spending any kind of time reviewing or retracing the steps of your team in these areas, you’re spending too much time there.  Consider a new solution, and get back to doing what your business needs you to do most!

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About the Author

Randy Cruz
Randy is the Business Services Manager at reQuire. Randy has been with reQuire since 2008 when he started in reQuire’s Finance department. While working at reQuire, Randy earned a degree in Network Security. However, he quickly realized that the IT field was not his calling, his true passion was helping our Partners by providing unsurpassed Customer Service. Prior to coming to reQuire, Randy spent 10 years with Prolink Solutions. Prolink offered a GPS and course management solution system for golf courses around the globe. Randy lives in Virginia Beach with his wife Gladys and their beagle Niki. Together they have two daughters and two sons. Randy enjoys playing golf and he is our resident Star Wars SME.


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